The Feral Pack

Polyplural Mixed-Origin DID System

System History

This is pretty much everything we know of the history of our system, from our earliest experience with plurality to today. This page deals with heavy topics that tend to fall under common triggers, such as rape and abuse. If this bothers you, we strongly recommend you do not read this page.

Early Childhood


TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of general assault, non-traumatic medical and surgical experience

Our body was born a month and a half after the body's parents got married. A marriage that is both rushed and merely due to the mother being pregnant is a really dumb way to keep your baby from being born a bastard, and a really smart way to ensure the marriage is just stable enough to absolutely traumatize the hell out of your child.

We were initially raised in a rather nice room off the main building on the grandmother's property. It had originally been a horse barn, but had since been converted into a livable space by adding proper insulation and roofing, air conditioning, a sliding glass door, and a window. The parents had taken a sheet and hung that between the "nursery" area and their bed, allowing for privacy. We had a TV with a VHS player, and the mother was obsessed with recording home videos for the first few years of our life, so we also owned a VHS camcorder. Our sister was born when we were just over a year old, and when the body was about 3-4, the parents leased our first apartment.

Memories of living in this apartment are distant and fuzzy, as is expected of not only memories that are over 20 years old, but for memories from that early in childhood, as well. We do remember being allowed to go to our friend's apartment who lived right across from us, and allowed to visit the neighbors upstairs, too. The friend went to our school, which happened to be right across the street from our apartment complex.

As nice as this sounds, it wasn't all nice. As previously mentioned, our memories from this time are fuzzy, but we can try to give as much detail as possible. The body's parents had a friend who wasn't that great of a person, who I think influenced their behavior. He once assaulted the mother and attempted to break into our apartment after the father threw him out, and it seemed to only get worse from there.

We moved to a new apartment when the body was around five, right at the tail-end of our Kindergarten year. This transition came with a lot of new experiences. In first grade, we had tonsilitis bad enough that it was causing obstructional sleep apnea, as well as causing us to go deaf. We saw our first surgery at this age, but weirdly enough, nothing about the procedure or the hospital stay was traumatizing. After second grade our school closed due to funding, so we were enrolled in a different school starting in third.


TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of COCSA, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic abuse

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Teen Years

Middle School

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High School

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Early Adulthood (18-22)

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Pre-Discovery (22-24)

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Post-Discovery (24-now)

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